The Brohm Legacy Comes Full Circle: A College Gameday Story

It was another rough weekend for Cardinal Football fans. It was much of the same old same as Louisville football drops to 2-5 on the season 0-4 in conference play. It is the worst start to a season since 2009. There are a lot of similarities to that year including a win over Indiana State to hang our hat on and a hat rack for a coach.

I see the same type of apathy slowly seeping back into the program. The type of apathy that took years to get out. I never thought it would go this way for Coach Petrino. I pictured a celebrated retirement with him coming back to home games in his old man sweaters. This is not fun to watch. I have loyalty built up for this man thanks to many great years of his brand of football. But even I know it’s time for a change.

That decision is not up to me. That decision has to go thru many levels of very complicated folks. With an absurd buyout, I don’t know if those folks will see Coach Petrino’s only bad season the same way a lot of us do. They may decide to give him another year fan support be damned.

I like to play devil’s advocate. They might give Bobby 2.0 a mulligan this season. I expect it. But if Vince Tyra does end up with the decision on his desk this winter I’d like to paint a picture for him of what things could look like opening up the 2019 Football season against Notre Dame.

You have to figure that the Irish will be ranked in the Top 5 nationally to start the 2019 season. Now picture if you will a family born and raised just miles from Cardinal Stadium with Louisville Football flowing thru their veins. A family legacy like no other in college sports. A story that has College Gameday written all over it.

If your last name is Brohm you are born a football fan. They are arguably the first family of football in this hoops-crazy state of Kentucky and in the city of Louisville they are football royalty. The Brohm family, including mother, Donna, and sister, Kim, were recently inducted into the Louisville Catholic Sports Hall of Fame for their contributions to the game.

It all started with the patriarch of the Brohm family Oscar. Oscar Brohm was a Football standout at Flaget High School in Louisville during the 1962-65 seasons. An all-state performer he led Flaget to a 10-1 record and the Louisville City Championship in 1965 setting a Louisville city school record with 23 touchdowns. He was a passing QB when passing wasn’t cool. Oscar played QB for the Cardinals during the 1968 and 69 seasons.

He would pass his offensive prowess down to his sons and they all helped create a football dynasty at Trinity High School in Louisville and for the hometown Cardinals. Four Brohm family members are letterwinners at the University of Louisville, Oscar (quarterback 1966-69), Jeff (quarterback 1989-93) and brothers, Greg (wide receiver 1989-92) and Brian (quarterback 2004-07).

Purdue head coach Jeff Brohm had an outstanding career at Louisville from 1989 to 1993. He ranks among the Cardinals’ career leaders in touchdown passes. Jeff Brohm also served as an assistant coach at Louisville (quarterbacks coach in 2003-06, assistant head coach/passing game in 2007, and assistant head coach/offensive coordinator in 2008).

Greg Brohm is executive director of administration and operations at Purdue. He was the starting wide receiver during the Cardinals’ 1991 appearance in the Fiesta Bowl, catching passes from his brother, Jeff. Greg served as the director of football operations at Louisville from 2004 to 2008. He also worked in local media and served as an analyst for the Louisville Cardinals’ radio broadcasts.

Brian Brohm is the Co-Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks coach for Purdue… Before there was a Teddy and Lamar it was Brian who led the 2006-7 Cardinals to a 12-1 record, Orange Bowl championship, and a #5 final ranking in the Associated Press poll. His 30 touchdown passes that season is tied for second in school history with 2016 Heisman Trophy winner Lamar Jackson, and one behind Minnesota Vikings’ 2014 first-round draft pick Teddy Bridgewater. Brian is the only Louisville QB to be so close to a National Championship. In my humble opinion, that team was a field goal away from playing for the Title. What could have been that season still haunts me.

During their three seasons together Jeff, Greg, Brian helped lead the Louisville program to 32 wins, Liberty Bowl win, Orange Bowl Championship, Conference USA and Big East championship and twice finished in the Associated Press top 10. And by popular opinion were a field goal away from a possible National Championship. There isn’t anyone who has had a bigger impact on the rise of the Louisville football program than the Brohms.

This family making their way back to the Louisville Football program would not only be the answer it would be the biggest sports story in 2019. I can hear Michael Rapaport narrating the story on College Gameday. If this blog post finds the right audience I hope they understand how big this could be.

The decision that Vince Tyra and the administration make this offseason regarding the current state of Louisville Football could offer up two very different extremes. Keep Coach Petrino and the apathy of this current staff around and open up 2019 in front of a stadium full of empty seats.

Or cut the losses now and go try to convince the first family of Louisville Football to come back home. Have Cardinal Stadium busting at the seams and the College Football World ready to watch how this great story plays out.

I read an article lately talking about how it’s not so much where Louisville Football is now but where it’s heading if things don’t change. It’s time to breath new life into Louisville Football. The same new life that the athletic department and Basketball program got this past year. New energy is good especially if there is a great legacy behind it. Our new AD Vince Tyra is a perfect example of that. I hope he can relate to what a Brohm hire could mean around here.

Of course, all of this is under the assumption that Jeff Brohm and his family would consider coming back to Louisville. I don’t know why they wouldn’t. I know that their hearts are still here. And they do have some unfinished business. If this program wins a National Title someday it would be much better doing it with family.

I’m ready for a change. This year Cardinal Stadium came full circle. Now its time for the Brohm family legacy to come full circle.

This is my plea…

Go Cards!