Jawon Passes the Eye Test

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On Friday night down in Atlanta I made my way through an Armageddon type traffic situation to watch one of the most talented QB’s to commit to Louisville. I say one of because there have been several. When I finally made it to Creekside High School the players were on the field for their pre-game warm-ups and it was obvious who Jawon was without even seeing a jersey number. He stood out because he looked bigger and stronger than most of the kids on the field.

I read and evaluation that said Pass is like a ball of clay that just needed to be molded. Watching his game on Friday night I can tell you that there is a lot to work with here talent-wise. Right now he is a high school athlete who is playing quarterback, but when he gets to the next level he will have to learn how to be a quarterback who is a good athlete. He is a solid passer but there will be many fundamental changes that will have occur at the next level. Jawon possesses raw, untapped physical tools, and is a good player that has a very high ceiling for development.

I bet the coaches can’t wait to get this kid on campus to start coaching him through some of his technique deficiencies and turn him into a prime-time Quarterback. He certainly passed the eye test on Friday night and I came away also thinking about how good he will be in a few years. I can’t wait to see him in the red and black.

Wanted to also give a huge shout out to the Cardinal Nation who was there supporting this young man on Friday night. As I mentioned in the beginning the trip was anything but easy and still hundreds of folks made it. This will go a long way and will really show many of those other kids just how we support our athletes. There were several great players playing in that game Friday night and I can almost guarantee that the Cardinal Nation left an impression.

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