Bowl Game is Music To Louisville Fans Ears

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It’s very fitting that this Louisville football season will end in Nashville at the Music City Bowl. The Cardinals football season has been like a country song. That moment when you felt like you lost your best friend, that moment they broke your heart again, and that night you just wanted to drink your blues away. Yup this season had all those emotions and more.

September 5th vs Auburn:

I’ve got a tiger by the tail can’t you see
I won’t be much when you get through with me
The Auburn Tigers took the wind from my sail
just when we thought we had them by the tail

September 12th vs Houston:

Houston, Houston means that I’m one day closer to you
Oh honey Houston after this game that losing record would be through
Well honey god in heaven above didn’t feel the same way to
and after that game our Cards were 0-2

September 18th vs Clemson:

It’s hard not to get lost in the jaws of the Tiger
Our Cards showed they had the palms of a fighter
In the end they got lost in the Orange Empire

September 26th vs Samford:

You ain’t nothing but a hound dog crying all the time
You ain’t nothing but a hound dog crying all the time
You ain’t never caught a rabbit but Samford bulldog
You were a friend of mine

October 3rd vs NCState:

We was settin’ there suckin’ toothpicks
drinkin’ Nehi and onion soup mix, and I said
Bobby, lets mail it in then send
that pack on down the other side
Wolf Creek Pass, way up on the great divide
Truckin on down the other side.

October 17th vs FLState:

So blow, blow Seminole win
Blow like you’re never gonna blow again
I’m call to you like a long lost friend
But I know who you are
And my Cards blowed, blowed the lead again

October 24th vs BC:

Born on a highway
on a freeway ride
Eagles come riding in the
morning light
You better run and hide
It was the cards defense winning side

October 30th vs Wake Forest:

I’ve got 4-4 on my mind
On the westbound number nine
My Pa is with his moonshine friends
Drinkin Deacon Jones’ bath tub gin

November 7th vs Syracuse:

Look a-yonder comin
Comin’ down that railroad track
Hey, Look a-yonder comin
Comin’down that railroad track
It’s that orange Blossom Special
Bringin’ our winning record back

November 14th vs Virginia

With a sword and a saddle
Powder in the gun
We thought for a minute our fight was done
But the Cards sent the Cavilers back where
they came from

November 21st vs Pitt

It was in Pittsburgh, late one night
I lost my hat, got into a fight
My Cards rolled and tumbled, on the ground
till the Panthers took them down

November 28th vs Kentucky

With the rain in my shoes
Cheering for you
In the cold Kentucky rain
In the cold Kentucky rain

But after the sadness is gone every good country album ends with a honky tonk and that’s what Cardinal fans will be doing in Music City on October 30th at 7pm. There were times this season when it felt like our Cardinals wouldn’t be in their 6th straight Bowl Game. Throughout they showed great perseverance and all is left of this season is the final chorus when Louisville faces Texas A&M in the Music City.

The Cardinals are 0-3 against A&M losing three straight in 92, 93, 94 with the average score in those contest 36-11. A&M finished their season 4-4 and 6th in the SEC West and finished 8-4 overall. Much like Louisville this Texas A&M team had an up and down season and I’m sure they would love to do the Texas two step out of Nashiville with a victory. Tonight in the press conference Coach Petrino talked about being a country music fan and said “may go down and do a little two-steppin’ and swingin'” in Nashville. We’ll all be there with you coach. Go Cards!